sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install libsnappy-dev libc6-dev libc6


brew install gmp && brew install snappy && brew install lz4

All Platforms

git clone --recursive
cd nethermind/src/Nethermind
dotnet build Nethermind.sln -c Release

launch goerli testnet for quick sync and testing

cd Nethermind.Runner
dotnet run --no-build -c Release -- --config goerli

You can confirm the latest block of the Goerli tetsnet here:

or (mainnet)

cd Nethermind.Runner
dotnet run --no-build -c Release -- --config mainnet

Potential Issues

If you have some previous pre-release versions of .NET Core installed they may cause conflicts. Your case might be quite unique so best to search for help online.

If application crashes saying that rocksdb-sharp / rocksdb is failing then most likely your processor is not supporting AVX instructions. This would require you to build RocksDb on your machine. We will add a tutorial for this later - for now reach out to us on gitter if you need to run it on a non-AVX CPU.