Docker (Alpine)


Install instructions for the Docker Engine can be found at:

There are images for amd64 and arm64 processors. A list of all versions/tags is available at:

Port 30303 has to be accessible if you want incoming connections. (tcp and udp)

Persistent data / configuration

The database and all configuration files are located at /data inside the docker container. You need to mount this folder to your host system for persistence and easy accessibility. The default configuration files will be copied into the /data folder after the first start.

You can use --help for this or to get a list of possible start parameters for Nethermind:

docker run -it --volume /var/lib/nethermind/mainnet:/data nethermind/nethermind --help

The path /var/lib/nethermind/mainnet is just a recommendation and can be changed.

To use an existing database or configuration, you need to make the files accessible for the user inside the container. (uid/gid 1337)


Sync with mainnet

docker run -it --network host --volume /var/lib/nethermind/mainnet:/data nethermind/nethermind


docker run -it --network host --volume /var/lib/nethermind/mainnet:/data nethermind/nethermind --JsonRpc.Enabled true

The default JSON-RPC port is 8545.

Sync another network

To switch the network, set NETHERMIND_CONFIG variable (default value is mainnet) or use –config flag e.g. –config goerli

Available configurations

  • mainnet
  • goerli
  • rinkeby
  • ropsten
  • xdai
  • poacore
  • sokol
  • volta
docker run -it --network host --volume /var/lib/nethermind/goerli:/data nethermind/nethermind --config goerli

Run as daemon and start on (re)boot

You can give your container a name, run it in the background and enable automatic restarts.

docker run -d --name nethermind --restart always --network host --volume /var/lib/nethermind/mainnet:/data --stop-timeout 30 nethermind/nethermind

It is recommended to give Nethermind more time to exit gracefully with --stop-timeout 30 in the case of a system shutdown or reboot.

If you want to see the current progress just use:

docker logs nethermind -f

Updating the image

If you want to update your image, just delete the container and create a new one with the same parameters.

docker stop nethermind --time 30
docker container rm nethermind
docker pull nethermind/nethermind
docker run -d --name nethermind --restart always --network host --volume /var/lib/nethermind/mainnet:/data --stop-timeout 30 nethermind/nethermind

Advanced docker usage

More information about docker is available at:

Build the image yourself

git clone
docker build nethermind -f nethermind/Dockerfile_alpine -t nethermind
docker run -it nethermind --help