• JsonRpcEnabled - enables RPC endpoints (configured also through HttpHost and HttpPort)
  • NetworkEnabled - if disabled then all networking (discovery, peer manager, sync) is disabled
  • DiscoveryEnabled - enables / disables discovery protocol for finding new peers on the network
  • SynchronizationEnabled - enables / disabled eth62/ eth63 synchronizations (if disabled then new blocks will not be downloaded and downloaded)
  • ProcessingEnabled - enables / disables processing of downloaded blocks
  • IsMining - enables blocks production (by validators in PoA networks and miners in PoW networks)
  • P2PPort - port to listen for incoming connections in devp2p protocols (most typically 30303)
  • DiscoveryPort - port to listen for incoming connections in discovery protocol
  • ChainSpecPath - path to a chainspec file that defines network properties like genesis block, initial allocations, network id, sealing engine
  • GenesisHash - if left empty no genesis block hash check is done, if set then chainspec genesis procesing result is validated against the hash provided
  • BaseDbPath - base path for all database directories (it is combined with baseDbPath from command line)
  • LogFileName - name of the log file (e.g. mainnet.log)
  • ObsoletePendingTransactionInterval - if transaction is known to be older than this many seconds then we do not broadcast it after hearing about it from other nodes
  • RemovePendingTransactionInterval - time (in seconds) after which pending transactions are removed from memory
  • PeerNotificationThreshold - percentage of peers that will be notified about new pending transactions


  • WriteBufferSize - size of a single memory buffer for RocksDB data
  • WriteBufferNumber - number of RocksDB write buffers
  • BlockCacheSize - size of the data block cache for RocksDB
  • CacheIndexAndFilterBlocks - set to true to limit mory taken by RocksDB to the size of WriteBufferSize * WiteBufferNumber + BlockCacheSize, otherwise index and filter blocks may take significant amount of memory (many gigabytes)

Sample configuration (mainnet)

    "ConfigModule": "InitConfig",
    "ConfigItems": {
      "JsonRpcEnabled": false,
      "NetworkEnabled": true,
      "DiscoveryEnabled": true,
      "SynchronizationEnabled": true,
      "PeerManagerEnabled": true,
      "ProcessingEnabled": true,
      "IsMining": false,
      "DiscoveryPort": 30312,
      "P2PPort": 30312,
      "HttpHost": "",
      "HttpPort": 8345,
      "ChainSpecPath": "chainspec/foundation.json",
      "GenesisHash": "0xd4e56740f876aef8c010b86a40d5f56745a118d0906a34e69aec8c0db1cb8fa3",
      "BaseDbPath": "nethermind_db/mainnet",
      "LogFileName": "mainnet.logs.txt",
      "ObsoletePendingTransactionInterval": 15,
      "RemovePendingTransactionInterval": 600,
      "PeerNotificationThreshold": 20
    "ConfigModule": "DbConfig",
    "ConfigItems": {
      "WriteBufferSize": 67108864,
      "WriteBufferNumber": 6,
      "BlockCacheSize": 67108864,
      "CacheIndexAndFilterBlocks": true